The Post Building.

The Post Building

Mastering Elegance: CDC Engineering’s Contribution to The Post Building Project

Subtitle: A Tale of Contemporary Spiral Staircases, Precision, and Architectural Brilliance

CDC Engineering had the privilege of collaborating with BW Interiors and the visionary architects at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris to bring to life the breathtaking spiral staircases at The Post Building.

The Post Building Project: A Fusion of Art and Architecture

Main Contractor: BW Interiors | Main Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Duration: 24 Weeks

Unveiling Architectural Marvels: Contemporary Spiral Staircases

The heart of The Post Building lies on the 8th floor, where CDC Engineering’s craftsmanship took center stage. Our task? Designing, manufacturing, and fitting not one but two contemporary style spiral staircases, each a testament to precision and aesthetic brilliance.

Design Elements:

Symmetry in Motion: Clockwise and Anticlockwise Spirals

The uniqueness of the project lies not only in the contemporary design but also in the thoughtful placement of two spiral staircases, mirroring each other on the 8th floor. One staircase gracefully ascends clockwise, while its counterpart dances in the opposite direction, creating a stunning visual symphony.

Collaboration in Action: CDC Engineering, BW Interiors, and AHMM

24 Weeks of Synergy

The successful completion of The Post Building project was made possible through a collaborative effort that spanned 24 weeks. CDC Engineering worked hand-in-hand with BW Interiors and Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, ensuring that every detail of the spiral staircases was meticulously crafted to perfection.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Excellence

Precision in Manufacturing:

Our skilled craftsmen at CDC Engineering brought the architectural vision to life. From precision cutting to expert welding, every step was executed with a commitment to excellence.

On-Site Fittings:

Collaborating closely with BW Interiors, our team seamlessly integrated the spiral staircases into the 8th-floor space, ensuring a flawless fit that complemented the overall design.

Architectural Harmony:

The collaboration with Allford Hall Monaghan Morris allowed us to understand the architectural nuances of The Post Building. The result? Spiral staircases that not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Elevating Architectural Excellence

At CDC Engineering, we take pride in turning architectural dreams into reality. The Post Building project stands as a testament to our commitment to precision, innovation, and collaboration. As the spiral staircases gracefully welcome inhabitants and visitors alike, we reflect on the artistry and engineering that define CDC Engineering.

CDC Engineering – Elevating Architectural Excellence, One Project at a Time.

AutoCAD drawings prior manufacturing.

Intallation stage on site when all parts become connected.