Reception Areas and Lobbies.

Front reception areas, lobbies, and office furniture are pivotal for completing the overall look of the commercial space. We design, engineer, and manufacture an extensive variety of innovative and unique reception desks, and signage that brings out the visual impact at first glance. From using premium materials and highly skilled labour to ensuring quality of the final product, we are prepared to deliver the impressive architectural appearance you desire.

CDC Engineering uses special finishes and fabricates sheet metal components to create exceptional front desks and receptions areas that range from stunning copper metalwork to hot rolled black lacquer finish.

Top Engineering

Our reception areas and desks are designed and engineered by a skilled and experienced team to deliver a visual impact.

Special Finishes

We offer a unique range of special finishes that include designed copper and brass work, as well as stunningly engineered hot rolled black lacquer finish.

Visual Impact

Our work complements the first impression you are looking for in your front desk areas.

Long Term Durability

We use sheet metal components and premium materials to make sure all of our reception areas and desks bring lasting quality.