Specialist Architectual Items.

To complete the design of the project, custom special architectual items are required to align with the style and the design. Our engineering team fabricates bespoke architectual items using high quality materials and the industry’s finest production practices.

CDC Engineering has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing unique architectual artefacts including bespoke interior furniture, mirrors, mirror frames, columns, decorative interior features, dining tables, COVID gates, and sanitiser posts.

Bespoke Designs

We create a diverse range of custom-designed architectural items blend in or stand out within the building.

Premium Materials

All of our architectual items are manufactured with premium construction materials including wood, glass, and metal to deliver a high quality finish.

Diverse Variety

From interior furniture and mirrors to columns and dining tables, we can manufacture any architectual element you want.

Long Term Endurance

Our high quality materials and premium construction ensure that every bespoke architectual item stays durable and functional.