Internal and External Wall Claddings.

To elevate the architectural style of residential and commercial projects, we bring a wide range of internal and external wall claddings. From conventional wooden panels to three dimensional exterior claddings, our assortment comes in a diverse variety of textures and materials. A majority of our wall claddings feature special metal acid etch surface that delivers an exceptional finish.

From reception areas and hallways to entrance porticos and columns, our wall claddings give architecture the aesthetics you are looking for, particularly with a major emphasis on special metal finishes. These claddings are not only designed and engineered to be visually elegant but provide your walls with functional protection, endurance and, durability for years to come.

Diverse Variety

Our wall claddings come in a wide range of materials and finishes to fit different themes of residential and commercial projects.

Acid Etched Finish

Most of the claddings feature acid etch surface finish that provides a variety of the different visual aspects that are both aesthetic and functional.

Multiple Applications

Suitable for a variety of internal and external applications including receptions, hallways, columns, and exteriors.

Long Term Durability

Our use of acid etched metal claddings and premium top coat finishes ensure each wall cladding delivers long term durability.