Lift Surrounds and Elevator Panels.

CDC Engineering team can design, manufacture and install bespoke lift surrounds and elevator panels that align with the appearance of the building. Designs can blend in or stand out within the architecture of your project ensuring a seamless look and feel.

Our highly experienced and skilled team understands your requirements and creates customised lift surrounds that become an inherent part of your commercial space.

Bespoke Design

We create lift surrounds that flawlessly blend in or stand out within the architecture of your building and complement the overall look.

Premium Materials

All of our lift surrounds are manufactured with premium construction materials to create a well-finished and appealing design.

Visual Impact

We combine engineering experience with craftsman’s skills to provide your building with a stunning visual impact.

Exceptionally Durable

Our use of high quality materials and finishes ensure that all the lift surrounds we build remain functionally and reliable for years.