Bespoke Doors.

At CDC Engineering, we can fabricate high quality bespoke doors and gates that are designed and manufactured according to the commercial and residential architectual space and given requirements.

Our wide range of doors, frames, and outdoor gates exhibit visual impact and deliver long-term durability and endurance needed in a commercial and residential setting.

Bespoke Design

We manufacture bespoke indoor and outdoor doors, door frames, as well as outdoor gates that can blend in or stand out within the architecture of the building to ensure consistent aesthetics and style.

Wooden & Metal Doors

All of our doors are manufactured with premium construction materials including wood and metal along with a high quality finish.

Stunning Construction

We put together our engineering prowess with high quality manufacturing to build doors that provide a stunning impact across the building.

Long Term Durability

We use high quality wood or metal combined with exceptional finishes to make sure that the doors we build stay robust and durable in the long run.