The Bersey Warehouse.

The Bersey Warehouse

The Bersey Warehouse is located on Old Street and the corner of Coronet Street. Aviva acquired the building with the vision of retaining much of the original brick facing seen inside the building. The project aimed to keep the workspaces bright and airy, with the old building keeping much of its character. The project intended to bring a modern feel to the building, with large brass doors and architrave, all of the lift surrounds were of grained brass, which also completed the large green finished windows. CDC Engineering manufactured and fitted all of the brass and copper verde work within this building including external facades, internal and external signs, bespoke brass cladding doors and facies, lifts, doors, staircase green copper verde bespoke finish.

Through our detailed pre-manufacture survey that we routinely conduct, we were able to work with the client to resolve these clash points and manufacture a high-quality bespoke units to fit the required spaces.

CDC Engineering sister company Alpine Fabrication expertly manufactured and fitted all of the FCU covers for the building. This project came with some unique challenges, most notably several different size units were used. Many of the offices had pipework close to adjacent walls, and fitting positions varied on each FCU cover.

Collins Construction Ltd was the main contractor, and with their expertise and help, I have to say this project was a joy to work on.