Rail House Cafe.

Rail House Cafe


We worked alongside Box 9 Design to achieve the desired vision of the old Victorian railway station setting, The Rail House Café, creating an intimate restaurant and bar based in London.

We manufactured a skeleton building of aged steel, arched screens and decorative, slender columns within the glass envelope, reminiscent of a mixed utilitarian and tram-shed finishes with Victorian glamour. We manufactured the ornate Oak and Steel staircase that leads customers to the upper bar that is completely enclosed with Oak panelling inspired by train carriages and floor to ceiling steel opening windows. We also fabricated and installed the ceilings, bars, and other architectural features using our acid etching technique to create an antique aesthetic reminiscent of past railway stations. We used patination technique to create this antique and rustic design of the property. All the metalwork we created was patinated based on the restaurant’s appearance and the information provided by the architect.