Aldwych House, Reading.

CDC Engineering & Fabrication Ltd’s Metalwork Masterpiece at Aldwych House

At CDC Engineering & Fabrication Ltd, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in architectural metalwork. Recently, we had the privilege to collaborate with Virtus Contracts on a prestigious project at Aldwych House in Reading. As specialists in bespoke metalwork, we were tasked to manufacture and instal blackened steel wall panels in the main reception, along with external main entrance soffit cladding and internal lift surrounds.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

From the outset, our team at CDC Engineering & Fabrication Ltd approached the project at Aldwych House with meticulous attention to detail and precision. Each component was carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate with the building’s aesthetic while ensuring functionality and durability. Our expertise in architectural metalwork allowed us to deliver exceptional results that exceeded expectations.

One of the hallmarks of our work at CDC Engineering & Fabrication Ltd is our ability to tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. For Aldwych House, we worked closely with Virtus Contracts to understand their vision and specifications, ensuring that our metalwork complemented the overall design concept seamlessly.

The installation of blackened steel wall panels with flutted glass partitions in the main reception of Aldwych House has transformed the space, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity. We have worked with the designers to achieve this rustic but elegant blackened steel finish that satisfied our client.

At CDC Engineering & Fabrication Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every project we undertake. Our collaboration with Virtus Contracts on the Aldwych House project exemplifies our commitment to excellence in architectural metalwork. From concept to completion, we strive to exceed expectations and elevate the built environment with our bespoke solutions.

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Crafting Excellence

In the world of metal fabrication, the artistry of designing, manufacturing, and installing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) components plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency and aesthetics of commercial buildings.


Due to the increased workload, we are looking for Welders, Fabricators and Site Fitters to support the continued growth of the business. The successful candidate will join our increasingly busy team serving London and Essex based sites, with a main office and workshop based in Shoeburyness, Essex.

As a busy workshop with multiple live projects, we are looking for someone who can work alongside the other team members as well as maintain our high quality of work. This role involves designing, cutting, welding, and shaping metal. Site work includes installation of high-end bespoke architectural metalwork within commercial and residential environments. We are looking for keen individuals with a good work ethic, work well in a team or on their own.

The ideal candidate for this role must be flexible, reliable, and confident to weld/fabricate anything from brackets to staircases in a workshop and on sites.

We are offering friendly working environment, competitive salary, overtime and bonuses.

Ideally, we would like the candidate to be able to start as soon as possible as projects are in place. We are keen to speak to candidates who are looking to work hard, develop within the role and become part of the growing team.

Location: local to Southend on Sea and Essex

Send your CV to or submit your CV via indeed.

The Corporate LiveWire Awards represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields.  Corporate LiveWire Global awards cover the most important sectors of business, as well as recognise and reward the hardworking individuals and firms across the world’s business landscape. The culmination of the awards is the Global Award, covering businesses of every type that have proven their excellence throughout the year and years past.

CDC Engineering has successfully demonstrated evidence of extensive expertise within the Architecture sector and the commitment to customer and client service.

This year we are very excited that our work and dedication to our work and clients have been recognised and we have been rewarded to the: 

Bespoke Architecture Specialist of the Year 2022-2023

Corporate Global Livewire award symbolises the hard work, dedication, and effort that CDC Engineering team have put together in the past year.


Check out our completed project portfolio and get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2022 gives an opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of firms and individuals that have taken an innovative approach to demonstrate exceptional business performance.

During the awards process over 90,000 businesses and corporate professionals were invited. Magazine contributors and subscribers were asked to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other key criteria.

The research team has put forward a selection of firms which deserve a recognition in this difficult market. We are excited to announce that we have been successful this year and nominated as a winner of:

“Bespoke Architecture Specialist of the Year 2022”

The year of 2022 has started with the positive note and we feel that this nomination is the encouragement for us to operate business with highest standards.

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SME News presents the fourth consecutive Southern Enterprise Awards, allowing the privilege and opportunity to reward the hardworking individuals and firms hailing from this dynamic region. With the number of businesses per person being higher in Southern England than anywhere else in the UK, there is a wealth of award-worthy candidates. 

The impact of COVID-19 has wreaked unprecedented upheaval in the UK and each business has faced unique challenges.

This year we are very excited that our work and dedication to excellence, innovation and determination have been recognised and we have been rewarded to the:

Leading Experts in Architectural Metal Work 2021

This award symbolises the hard work, dedication, and effort that institutions across the globe have applied throughout the challenges faced in the midst of a global pandemic!

More about the award and directory:

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Leading Experts in Architectural Metal Work 2021

National Building and Construction Awards is an opportunity to support and share the profiles of  industrious, hardworking and enterprising building and construction businesses.

For us, to enter business awards is another opportunity to be seen, recognised and nominated for our hard work and dedication. This year we have won 2 awards that gave us motivation and determination continue what we do the best.

At National Building & Construction Awards 2021 we have been nominated as finalists in these categories:

Even though we haven’t been nominated as winners we are proud to be standing next to the very successful businesses and firms. Being part of the NBCA 2021 is the encouragement and a goal to be better in 2022.


The Global Business Awards 2021 aims to recognise and reward the hardworking individuals and firms across the world’s business landscape. The evidence of extensive expertise within the given sector and the commitment to customer and client service had to be successfully demonstrated.

This was a very challenging task to achieve during the COVID-19 pandemic and the past years economic situation in the world over the Brexit deal. Architectural metal work industry has been affected and there is no doubt that obsticles have been ambitious. Read more about it in our blog about IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS AND BREXIT.

This year we are very excited that our work and dedication to excellence, innovation and determination have been recognised and we have been rewarded to the “Best Bespoke Hospitality Architectural Metalwork Design Company – UK“.

This award symbolises the hard work, dedication, and effort that institutions across the globe have applied throughout the challenges faced in the midst of a global pandemic!

More about the award and directory:

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Crossweys House is a landmark building on Guildford’s historic High Street, located in the Guildford Town Centre Conservational area. It presents a selection of materials typical of the period, including red facing brickwork and brick arches, stone parapets and cornices and an oak storefront with marble cladding to piers. Approached through a new feature entrance, Crossweys has been extensively refurbished to provide an inspiring workspace. 

Appointed by the main contractor Corley and Woolley before COVID-19 pandemic, CDC Engineering has been responsible for bespoke metal fabrication and joinery. The project involved the manufacture and fit of 6-floor mild steel powder coated staircase panels with welded fin details and a feature solid oak handrail with oak steps. Also, the new feature entrance and external black zinc cladding panels created the character and style of the building. 

Fortunately, we carried out all of the site surveys before the site was shut for COVID lockdown. Our team used a 3D laser scanner to conduct a photographic record of the survey. Our Senior CAD Designer processed the data from the site and provided engineering drawing components that were used to manufacturer the required panels and cladding in the CDC Engineering workshop. We also managed to order the required materials which enabled us to manufacture the staircase and the cladding over the COVID19 lockdown with the skeleton staff working on the shop floor. 

From the staircase manufacturing point, the workshop team has been challenged in maintaining the continuity of all the gaps between the panels due to the variation in the building floor levels and heights. The manufacturing process had to be very precise to create a flawless and seamless appearance, and also match different heights over the different floor levels. 

As soon as the site re-opened after the COVID-19 lockdown, we were enabled to deliver and fit the staircase and cladding. Logistically we found it challenging due to the manual labour and without making any marks, as mild steel panels were 6mm thick and very heavy. Also, the site was opened up with only a one-way system with strict COVID-19 procedures in place and working safely in confined spaces was hard to adapt to. CDC’s Engineering team had to be extra careful because it was a white powder coat finish; the protection of the panels was paramount since other contractors were working at the same site. 

Every project for our CDC Engineering team is important and we always go the extra mile to complete it to perfection. We enjoy challenging projects and feel satisfied when the job is finished and the client is happy with the result. Find more about this project here.

If you have new projects coming up and are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, bespoke metal fabrication company, look no further and get in touch with our team.

How CDC Engineering adapted during the trials of COVID-19 and challenges of Brexit

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the finalisation of the outgoing Brexit deal have been negatively affecting UK businesses over the past 2 years. The architectural and engineering industry has been widely affected by the construction site closures, delayed material deliveries, and self-isolating staff, limiting the progress of projects. Also, an unfavourable impact on companies’ financial performance and lack of cash flows influenced the stability of the business operations.

CDC Engineering Ltd business Director, Andy Fawkes recognised the upcoming complex economic crisis and global pandemic, adapting the situation to his advantage. 

“Whenever everything is falling apart, the best practice is to sit down and reflect on the situation, review the business structure, analyse current methods and identify any gaps within the business” – Andy Fawkes. 

The engineering industries decreased production pace and limited access to the construction sites in  2020.  Andy used this downtime as an opportunity to focus on a re-structuring of the business model. Digital marketing for example had been an area that CDC had not had the opportunity to explore, with most of its projects coming from long term clients or the traditional marketing method of word and mouth (Grapevine). Hiring a specialist Marketing Manager with all-round expertise was the first step towards developing new strategies and becoming more visible. Not long after, the marketing department developed a new website with fresh brand & logos.  This completely transformed CDC Engineering digital appearance. The new website allowed CDC Engineering to showcase its most recent work and bespoke services to a much wider audience than before. Using a newly developed website and social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, the marketing manager was able to create new business relationships with some developing into new, exciting projects.

During the pandemic, as a small business enterprise, CDC Engineering was able to create new job opportunities for Marketing Manager, Office Manager, Fabrication Manager, Welder ad Fabricator and also to offer two apprenticeships. By employing new people, who could take care of their respective business areas, Andy Fawkes was free to focus on growing new business contacts and concentrating on the smooth interaction with clients from start to finish of a project and staying compliant with the new regulations.

The biggest project the fabrication business undertook during the pandemic was creating a statement staircase at the Guildford Crossways House building. Fortunately, a site survey has been carried out before the site was closed and materials had been ordered before the nationwide lockdown began. The stunning feature 6 floor staircase involved some challenging rolled curved sections with steel fins both finished in white powder coated finish accompanied by solid oak handrails and steps. This modern yet contemporary staircase kept all the departments of the CDC Engineering workshop working and enabled us to stay open during the lockdown.

Proudly CDC Engineering was able to offer support to the National Health Service based in Southend on Sea during the global pandemic by extending the accident and emergency bay at a local hospital in order to cope with the higher demands.

Although a negative impact has been encountered during the COVID19 pandemic and Brexit, CDC Engineering used the time to identify the weak areas within the business and improving them by restructuring the organisation and employing new staff, implementing digital marketing campaigns, and redeveloping new business prospects with a positive attitude.